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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A submissive desire.

I want to fall to my knees at my lovers feet; feel the rough material of his jean rub against my cheek as I rest my head on the side of his leg and whisper...."Take me."
I want him to do more than just hear my words. I want him to read my mind and fall into the deep depths of my soul; when he looks down at me and my eyes meet with his, I want him to see my devotion for him scripted across my pupils and by I want him to draw every last bit of it from me.

I want to offer myself to him; give him my wrists to tie tightly enough that I can feel my pulse beat against my skin and let the restraint allow ecstasy to run through my arteries quicker than oxygen ever could. I want to feel the soft satin stroke against my wrists, so softly - in the same manner his fingers caress my skin sometimes when we make love.

But I don't want love-making right now, and if I do - I want it in a very different way.

I want his fingers curled firmly around my neck as he tilts my face up to soak in the expression of hunger radiating through my just-parted lips. Desperate, eager, ravenous for him. I want him to know that I am waiting for him, but impatiently so.
I want his cock to ache and throb at his own arousal. I want my need for him to create a sense of urgency that he must have me and I need to believe that when he does, he will use me until I have nothing left to give. I want several thoughts of what he wants to do with me to cross through his mind until he becomes as desperate as I am. Then when he allows me the pleasure of himself, I want each of his movements, his every action to be an act of his esurient desire for me...

I want to fall in love with the way his belt sounds when it comes undone. I want to wait for the slight noise his zipper makes just moments before he satisfies my thirsty request to taste him...
I want to wear him like lipstick - his sweet-tasting pre-cum wetting my wanting lips until I can barely stand to wait any longer.
I want him to take my mouth but when he does, I want him to invade me. I want every inch of his hard cock to fill me until my jaw aches and my cheekbones hurt. I want him to challenge me, take me beyond my limits and push past my gag reflex. I need him to strip away my basic human instinct to breathe and replace it instead with an urgent desire to feel his cock penetrating the back of my throat. I want my eyes to water at the corners and his fingertips gently brushing my tears away.
And maybe, the palm of his hand slapping against my aching cheek would feel good.
I want to savour every drop of his divine taste when he pulls out and ejaculates on the flat of my used tongue.

I want the words to slip effortlessly out of his mouth and for my entire body to tingle when he tells me I did good as I swallow down his satisfaction...

I want him to know that my submission only just starts here, though.
I've seen the side of him driven by his sexual hunger for me but now my body begs to know his more sadistic nature. Every part of my core-being begging him to hurt me.
I want my nipples firmly encased between his thumbs and index fingers, as he pulls, twists and pinches until I moan with gratitude. I want him to move my body inches closer to him just by the force he inflicts on my breasts. I want him to physically pull me to my feet and bend me over his legs so that I am waiting in perfect position for his hands and then...

I want him to hit me. I need to feel the fierce sting of his palms as he hits down heavily on my reddening ass-cheeks. I want to feel my skin get warm and every fibre of my being come alive as he hurts me. I need him to make me feel. I don't want him to stop his beautiful, cathartic treatment of me until my emotions are purged, my walls broken down and I unravel before him in the firm hold of his protective arms. I want him to




But what is broken must be fixed and I want him to piece me together by becoming an actual part of me. I want him to lay me down on a soft sheet and wrap his arms around my waist as he tells me he wants me. I want him to slowly take over my aching, wet pussy and guide his entire shaft into me, inch by inch. I want to feel beautiful in watching his pleasure as he takes me. I want to know his softer side now...

I don't want to fuck. Or even make love...

I want to connect. I want to feel our souls entwine, our heartbeats echoing in perfect rhythm. I want to feel electricity pour through my veins as he penetrates me... with his eyes.
I want us to fall into each other. Several times over. I want us to become one and climax in the exact same moment as each other.

Then afterwards, as he holds me close;  I want to bask in the perfect space we've created between us and take joy in relinquishing control over my mind, body and soul to effectively become the purpose of his beautiful gift of Dominance.

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