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Monday, 21 April 2014

Review(BB):: Silver Collection Mouth Bit


Happy Monday, guys and girls.

Kicking off the week with another review of a fabulous toy I think you're going to love (I know I certainly do!)
Feast your eyes on this beautiful piece of bondage art. Almost 50-shades inspired, gentle to the eyes and touch; this sophisticated piece of bondage equipment could be the perfect addition to a beginner's collection and likewise take pride and place on the mantelpiece of the more experienced and enthusiastic bondage player.

The Silver Collection Mouth Bit with Silky Ties.

Slip the smooth plastic bit of this gag between your lover's lips and command them to bite down on it. Tying the silky ties at the back of their head keeps the bit firmly in place so the fun can begin.
Restrict your lover's speech and take complete control, dominating your submissive lover as part of bondage play.

Key features:
- Soft and strong ties
- Solid and smooth plastic bit
- Total length of 53 inches

Description taken from

Unfortunately, I don't own this item myself (I wish I did!) but I have played with it before and I completely loved it.
This mouth gag stands out from the usual collection of PVC and leather straps, hard plastic balls and oversized chunky looking bits. Without a doubt, The Silver Collection Mouth Bit is aesthetically pleasing and in my opinion, not the slightest bit intimidating - even to someone who hasn't experimented much with mouth gags, previously. The grey-silver ties add a sophisticated and gentle edge to what is essentially a very dominating piece of bondage, making it an attractive buy for anyone interested in gagging as part of BDSM play.

The mouth-bit itself is surprisingly slim. Although made of solid plastic, it is not rigid enough to cause discomfort when biting down or wide enough to hurt your jaw, therefore becoming the perfect gag for a prolonged session. It's easy on the teeth while still having the desired restriction a mouth-gag lover craves.

The smooth ties which knot together at the back of the head, feel soft on your cheek even when tightly fastened. The chafing you might usually except from a leather-strap mouth gag, is non-existent with this toy so you can enjoy all the pleasure of being gagged and silent, without the worries of a sore cheek or strap imprints on your face.

For me, the biggest pulling factor is how beautiful it looks when on. Forget the hard-core equestrian look (unless of course you're searching for that - then you have the wrong toy here!) This exquisite gag looks effortlessly classy and completely sexy when worn. Expensive-looking and oozing with sex appeal, this is one gag you won't feel you need to hide in your bedside drawer.

If you're still considering whether you want to buy this item, maybe the matching neck-tie and bondage restraint will convince you. And you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that if you buy from (at the time of posting) you'll only need to spend £30 for the entire collection.

What are you waiting for?

Here are the links to each item.

Mouth Bit:
Bondage Restraint:



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