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Friday, 11 July 2014

No; my submission is not a selfless gift

Infact, I'm not being unselfish at all.
You see, when I submit, I do it just as much for myself as I do it for you.
Of course, I hope you exult in my submission, treasure it and protect it. I hope you find the very depth of your happiness when your eyes take in the vision of me on my knees, bared naked before you. I pray that it makes you fulfilled, satisfies you and I hope you find pride in me giving myself over to you.

All of this goes without saying.

And if you are the man who holds my submissive self in the palms of your trust-worthy hands, I can only confirm you do so because you earned the right to. No, I did not 'gift' this to you because you are a Dominant man. You earned it through being all the things that make up the reasons of why I choose to submit. All the reasons why my submission is in fact, not selfless at all.
When I give you control, hold out my wrists for you to bind and part my lips for you to place the ball gag down heavy on the tip of my tongue - I feel elated.
When the hard laminate presses onto my bare knees as I present before you, I feel peace through being surrendered. I submit because the emotions that flood through my veins when you wield the flogger to my sensitive skin, complete me. Submission makes me whole. It's why I choose this path for myself.

Through being a submissive woman, I take the opportunities to discover myself on deeper levels I could never have reached without relinquishing control. I am given the chances to learn about my wealth of endurance and commitment, how far my devotion can go when I am in love with someone. I learn better the values of trust and faith and hope. Learning to trust you to make decisions for me, having faith you will make each one wisely and hoping I will become a better person through you doing so.

I submit because it invades my mind and soul with confidence when I do, allowing me to achieve a sense of self-pride when I please you or do something that brings you joy - even if that something were so trivial it wouldn't matter to any other person than us. I am submissive because I thrive on the feeling of falling deeper in love with you when your eyes become lit with passion when you hurt me, restrain me, comfort me and guide me.

I am submissive because without it, I am in complete

You have my submission because you have earned my trust, because I have chosen to place an immense amount of faith in you to do right by me as I will forever try to do my best for you.
No, this is not a gift - at least, no more than your Dominance is a gift to me.
It is a two-way street of mutual respect, love and trust.

Nor is it selfless, I understand -
because my submission serves me as much as it does yourself.

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