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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Infinite Love

I fell in love with you on our very first date, when my eyes defied me when I tried to look away from you for just a second at the train station.
I told myself it was because you were gorgeous - I just wanted to gaze at you, take all of you in for a moment. But as I looked into the deep pools of your eyes, I could have sworn I'd found your soul and it mated with mine; I believed I had searched for you a lifetime before that meet.

I didn't tell you this, of course. I didn't say anything.
I just smiled awkwardly to myself at the pub, when I lifted my pint glass of coke from the table as you went to the restroom. I traced the ring that it left on the surface with my fingertips, several times around. It had no end, baby -
I hope we are as infinite as the glass mark was that day.
Forever, lasting, always.

We sat shoulder to shoulder in an unfamiliar place we'd never been to before and even through the cigarette stained seats, years old - your scent was overwhelming. I breathed you in like fresh air and made a promise to myself to memorise the way you smelt that day.

Later, as the sun went down and we closed in on a conversation that could have been endless, I packed my nerves up into my stomach and took them with me on the train. I prayed the whole journey home that you'd call me soon - that night, the next, the week after. It didn't matter. I would have waited for you as I had done before I know you existed.

There was no waiting.
As soon as time allowed, we were embracing each other's company once again; and as we shared conversation and laughter over pool tables and leopard print sofas - I knew we'd found something truly special. The fondness I had for you grew - it blossomed - like flowers blooming in Spring showers. Beautiful, colourful, dreamy. I became an acre of happiness and purity in your presence.

And I took that with me to bed when we made love for the first time.
Our bodies connected, becoming a single entity. We invaded one another, shared each other - passionate and lust-laden but you were so gentle, so slow; I believed nobody had ever been so kind to my body as you were.
Afterward, we lay in a tangled mess of limbs and torsos. I rest my head against your chest and felt your heart beat against my eardrum like a symphony of perfect notes I never want to forget.

Months have passed now since I first fell asleep in your arms but every morning that I wake up to you, I feel it, my love. It is still there. Beating strong.
Every time that we are together you claim another part of me. Soon, you'll have too many components of myself than I will want to admit.

You have my heart now.
It's bruised a little where I've dropped it; jagged around the edges where I've held on so tightly to what others have tried to take before you.
But you have it now - my core being in the palm of your hand.
Guard it, mind it, keep it safe; for it is there, my love for you resides -

Infinite as the glass mark on the surface of the table where we first met.

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