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Friday, 10 April 2015

The start of our forever

In just over a week's time, our whole lives are about to change as Sir and I make the move to bringing our family together for good. For over a year it's been a case of frequent visits, rushing memory building into short spaces of time and always having to say Goodbye. It's been a beautiful journey thus far, but it's been difficult too, emotional and tiring. A few months ago, Sir and I knew we had to make changes - it was becoming too hard on the heart to keep our family some two hundred mile distance apart and we all felt the strain. Amazingly, after just the second interview at a career opportunity that seemed too perfect to pass up on - we received the call that would cement our future and in just ten days from now - Sir and I will be living together, bringing up our beautiful children and building our first 'family home'.
I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. This is a huge lifestyle change, such a big commitment founded on the promises of our love for one another and we couldn't be happier than we are right now. I am overwhelmed with pride knowing that my beautiful daughters will be loved and raised by such a good man. I know there couldn't be a better role model to come into their lives and I am confident that his influence and guidance will be such a positive addition to their already wonderful personalities. Alongside this, I am appreciative that I have found someone who can love me so deeply and freely and passionately as Sir does me. Someone who will protect me and guide me and lead me. Someone who I can follow, in the sound knowledge that his way will always be the best way.

To this point, our dynamic is really still a work in progress. It isn't perfect but it is most definitely beautiful and by all account, it gets stronger and better every day that we're together. There have been glitches though, bumps in the road in places we believed we had things all smoothed out. We've hit hurdles and made mistakes. We've achieved, succeeded and encouraged. We've learned - we are always learning.
Throughout this adventurous choice of lifestyle, we've dared to dream. Even with the roads that keep us from physically holding one another sometimes - we've found moments where we've discussed our hopes and plans for the future; sharing our personal envisions of how we wish and believe our relationship might be some years from now. We want for the same things, we've learned. We have the same desires and now - we have a chance to start building the very foundations of our aspirations.

We live by our general protocol as best we can already; but our time together is often hurried and rushed. Sometimes we lose the spare hours in a day where we can always give our best, achieve to our highest goals. Sometimes we forget to religiously stick by the disciplines we believe in because we are too concerned with wanting to simply 'make the most' of our time together. Household chores for example, are a low priority next to a lazy morning in bed with Sir. The truth is this though, in being apart we have needed to relax in the areas we could afford to, to keep our relationship so strong and in being together - we will need to be deeper committed to our ground rules to make our relationship prosper. Until now, we have held it all together - now what's left is to make it what we truly want it.

Things are going to shift and change.

It'll seem strange at first, making the transition to a tighter run ship but we both know and acknowledge that the change is necessary for us to prosper and we both want that change.
Suddenly , I am  faced with the reality of day-to-day living, where things are run so smoothly there's rarely a hitch in the protocol we lay out. My entire day from waking to sleeping will be lived by Sir's command. I will become so submissive in all areas of my life and Sir's Dominance is about to reach new heights, surrounding me more than it has ever been able to before now.
 Of course, this shift will not be immediate; instead - a slower progression, a softer transition from where we are now to the pin marking the place we long to be. I am excited to see the changes that await our relationship, but more importantly us - as individuals. We will come to know ourselves far better than we could have imagined, learn things about ourselves we've been strangers to until now. I am eagerly anticipating the day I can meet my submission at it's absolute most profound and seeing who I will have become by then. I am overwhelmed with excitement of seeing Sir at his best, his Dominance at it's full capacity and acknowledging the finest yet still unseen details of the man I have chosen to commit my life to.

I don't plan for very much in my life, always being the more free spirited kind of person but I do now, plan on something. On our first day of what will be the start of the rest of our lives together-

I will kneel before Sir. I will offer him my wrists to bind. Bowed before him, heart heavy with the weight of my love and submission - I will vow to serve him to my best, to take his lead, to live by his will, to follow his intuition, to trust, to hope, believe, give, commit and submit. I will promise to surrender all of myself to the man I wish to guide me every day of the rest of my life and I will love him beyond what he ever could have dreamed was possible.

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  1. Moving together is a great thing. Don't be nervous :) And I'm sure Sir will be happy with your service !


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